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Andrew K

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Finance, Accounting (CPA), and Education Guru Ready to Help
Roslyn Heights, New York
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4 years exp.
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  • Extremely patient and understanding of students needs
  • An expert in all areas of Finance, Accounting, and Business
  • Specializes in teaching students with learning disabilities

Tutor in Roslyn Heights, New York

I'm an
Hi my name is Andrew and thank you for viewing my profile. I graduated from NYU Stern both with a Bachelors of Science summa laude in Finance and Accounting and a Masters in Accounting. I currently work at one of the Big 4 in their transaction services and technical accounting group. As a way to give back, I enjoy tutoring students of all levels and ages. I have vast experience in many subjects whether it be CPA Exam Prep, English Literature and Writing, Accounting/Finance, Marketing, Management, Math, and even History. As a tutor, I strive to bring out the best in my students and help them achieve success. I've gotten all my students an A and I'm sure I can help you too! CPA Exam Prep: I have a very comprehensive process that starts with the creation of a study plan. During our sessions, we will go through trending multiple choice and simulations, review key concepts, and ensure that you master the material. I have tutored dozens of students for all four sections of the exam and have gotten them to pass with flying colors (FAR, AUD, REG, and BEC). I really put in the effort to help you succeed along the journey to obtaining your license.


Secondary school


Social science
Study skills


Rachel R

Very knowledgeable and explains things in different ways until you understand the concept. Helped me a lot with studying for my CPA and works with you on when to sit for a session. I thought online tutoring was going to be tough but it really isn’t, actually a lot easier.

Megan S

Working with Andrew has changed my entire outlook of tutoring. He's amazing! I never thought remote tutoring could work. I've tried working with a few in-person and remotely and was getting completely discouraged. However, then came Andrew. He was extremely organized and hands-on. He had a plan before I even had to come up with one. I could tell he cared instantly! His knowledge of the material combined with his experience tutoring others is priceless. Definitely the best out there in my book!

Maria A

Andrew has just started helping me with my CPA exam prep and has been nothing but a pleasure. He is available 24/7 for questions and I already feel so much more prepared for my exam since I started using him. I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone getting ready to sit for the CPA exam.

Michelle R

Before I started with Andrew I dreaded and saw little hope in passing the CPA Exam. Andrew has an optimistic attitude that makes the lessons engaging. He assess your learning style and teaches accordingly. When I was studying alone I would read something over and over and still not grasp it. With Andrew I am able to ask questions and he explains it in different ways until I understand. Andrew is very knowledgeable on the exam, he knows the terminology and trends which is crucial for every CPA candidate. In today’s lesson we went over intangibles and R&D cost. There are a lot of different rules and key takeaways to remember with these topics. Andrew is able to explain these in a way that makes logical sense instead of just memorizing the rules. I plan to take FAR first. FAR is very overwhelming with lots of information. Andrew is able to condense the lessons while still making you understand the key take always. I would absolutely recommend Andrew if you are in need of CPA help!

Christiana O

Andrew was the first person to actually have the knowledge to help me in my first financial accounting course at the graduate level. He is committed and passionate about this field and wants all his students to succeed. Looking forward to working with him in the future, especially when I decide to sit for the CPA.

Shaya B

Andrew is the most dedicated tutor I’ve ever worked with. He truly cares about achieving your goals. He’s really patient and very knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a coach/tutor.

Kandus L

Andrew has tutored me through master’s level accounting. His kind and patient tutoring skills helped me excel and pass all of my courses. I recommend him to anyone who may be in need of some additional help.

Ben W

Andrew was very patient with helping me understand concepts, and expertly guided me through problem solving. He is attentive to the guidelines of the course I took, while also creative in developing the best strategy to attain a high grade and retain material. I highly recommend Andrew if you are looking for help with accounting.

Jordan D

Andrew K has been a tremendous help with my Accounting work. He is extremely professional and truly cares about his student's success inside and outside of each tutoring session. He will hold students accountable for their work and put in the time on his end to make sure you leave each session confident and prepared for any academic or work challenge you come to him with.

Lisa S

As a student whose native language is not English, I was concerned about not being able to pass the CPA Exam. Luckily, I was able to find Andrew. During our BEC studying, he explains each concept in depth by breaking it down into small pieces. He also assists me in developing comprehensive study materials. His response time for answering questions is instantaneous and he is extremely qualified in preparing candidates for the exam. He really cares about his students and spends hours with us every week to make sure we are on track with his accountability calls and gives us HW with detailed solutions and practice essays. Andrew truly makes studying for the CPA an easy experience. I can’t wait to study for the next three parts with him.

Manraj S

As I finally decided to seriously start studying for the exam and realizing I needed someone to help and guide me through the process, Andrew has met every expectation and gone even further than I expected. We are currently studying for FAR and his patience and detailed explanations have helped me be able to understand concepts that I would have struggled to study with on my own. Andrew's vast knowledge of the CPA exam into what trends and concepts should be understood has helped me focus on areas that I would not have previously spent too much time focusing on. His open personality and willingness to be flexible in how to explain concepts both visually and verbally has made me feel comfortable to use Andrew to pass all 4 parts of the CPA exam.

Giana B

Andrew has been helping me study for the past 4 weeks in order for me to prepare for my FAR exam. He has been extremely patient and understanding of how hard this exam might be for some people. His capabilities to guide me through each topic has been really helpful, and I feel more confident after every session. I can tell that Andrew has a passion for teaching because he really cares how you’re doing and shows it. If you are struggling with any part of the CPA exam, I would highly recommend Andrew as your go-to tutor. I look forward to using Andrew for my other CPA exams as well - thanks, Andrew!!

Alex A

Andrew teaching me audit has helped especially in the areas I get stuck. I’m able to approach questions more carefully and intelligently since I’m able to fully understand the nuances of audit. I highly recommend Andrew for helping you pass the CPA exam. He's driven to cover all aspects of the CPA exam and will work with you as you achieve your passing scores.

Gisell N

Andrew is immensely knowledgeable of the many areas of accounting [and more]. He has helped me gain an in-depth understanding of some of the most complex sections of financial accounting. He goes above and beyond, he gathers as much information as he can prior to each lesson, to render the student with a beneficiary set of information and answers to questions. His presentation of the material is eloquently executed. His response time is amazingly fast. Ever since my first lesson with Andrew, I have performed phenomenally on homework and quizzes, all A's!!!

Ashlee D

Andrew is an amazing tutor, I love working with him! He’s always quick to respond and is so caring. He always makes sure that I understand everything we go over and has taught me so much. I recommend using him as your tutor he won’t disappoint!!

Samir K

Andrew is a great tutor. He is easy to work with and he’s always helpful. He’s an expert at accounting and he helped me a lot with the material that I was having trouble with.

Riley H

Andrew has been extremely helpful in helping me come closer to passing the FAR CPA exam. He is amazing at breaking concepts down and explaining things in a way that is quick and easy to understand. I would recommend him to anyone that is trying to pass any part of the exam.

Joseph D

Andrew is a very organized and intelligent tutor. With a combination of real world experience, proper education, and tutor experience he is a perfect fit for a one on one tutor. I currently have Andrew as a tutor for my CPA Exam process and he certainly has not disappointed. Andrew manages a wide range of students and still manages to make up time to answer all questions regardless in session or out in a timely manner. In addition, to high quality tutor skill the rate that is charged is very manageable compared to most and he will work with you if there are financial troubles in your life. I highly recommend Andrew as a tutor.

Ryan O

CPA Review: Andrew is extremely knowledgeable and has been able to walk through various situations with me to give me a much better understanding of the topics. He is very personable and outgoing which makes the tutoring sessions much more enjoyable. He will hold you accountable and really keep you on track with your studying. In terms of comparability in pricing for the services Andrew is the best option out there. He truly wants to help his students pass the exam and get the best score possible. I definitely recommend Andrew to be your CPA tutor if you want to pass on your first try!

Eleanor B

Andrew is a genius! He has already helped me so much with studying for FAR (I passed BEC and AUD previously). I was using a different study program and he recommended I switch to Becker, which has made a huge difference. He is available for questions when I need help and knows the Becker material backwards and forwards. I can bring up a random question and he will be familiar with it, explain why it is confusing, and go through the thought process of getting the right answer. An hour session flies by! I would seriously recommend Andrew.

Ebrahim D

Andrew has an excellent knowledge of the CPA exam and understanding. If there is a topic that one is struggling with, he can better explain it than even Becker. I have been using Andrew as a tutor/coach for about a month, since that time I have increased my studying time by 30 to 40%. In addition, I enjoy working on simulations and its a walk in the park to do 50 plus mcq's. Whats more refreshing is being able to discuss the technical aspects of Pensions, Inventory, and so on. I highly recommend Andrew K.

Jen C

Andrew is a blessing and I'm truly grateful to have him as my tutor for my CPA Exam. I'm currently studying for the BEC section of the exam. Andrew explains difficult concepts at ease and is very patient. He also provides helpful tips that are helping me as I prepare to sit for my exam. Each week I am seeing improvements and progress by using the tips he provided to me. I feel more confident than I did before, and I am looking forward to preparing and dominating my exams!

Shimon N

Andrew helped prepare me to retake my BEC exam. He helped me create a personalized study plan to focus on the areas that I needed the most help with. Andrew has his finger on the pulse in terms of what subjects the AICPA is looking to test. Definitely recommended.

Ty L

Andrew is a dedicated, hard working tutor who is there for you every step of the way. He has helped immensely in CPA exam preparation. Would recommend.

Samantha C

Andrew K is hardworking and really helped me a lot with my CPA Prep. He kept me on my toes and made sure I went over the heavily tested material for the CPA. I am looking forward to Andrew helping me with other exam prep.

Selina D

Andrew tutored me for the CPA Exam Prep - REG. This section was my weakest area of all 4 CPA exams. I started tutoring with him after attempting on my own and failing twice. He is without a doubt the best of the best! He pushed me beyond my comfort zone in order for me to pass and he is invested in seeing me succeed. He is extremely knowledgeable of the material and is always available for any questions I may have. He is great at identifying your weak areas and drilling on those sections. He has also helped me through a lot of my testing anxiety. I'm very grateful for him and I highly recommend him! 10/10

Noah G

Andrew is a great tutor. I took REG and did not pass the first time. He is very knowledgeable about the subject and is able to explain things very thoroughly. The best part is he knows the subjects that are more likely to show up on the exam so you can focus on the most important parts. After 1.5 hours week for 6 weeks with andrew, I got a 87.

Kevin K

I am using Andrew as a CPA tutor for the FAR Section of the CPA exam. He has been amazing and I feel extremely confident in my ability to pass the exam. Andrew is very organized and always takes the time to explain any questions I may have even if that question comes in the middle of the week not during our scheduled tutoring time. Andrew's knowledge of the material is outstanding and provides great strategies personalized for me to help me succeed. I definitely would recommend Andrew to any CPA candidates who are are struggling to pass the exam and need some help getting over the top to reach that passing score of a 75.

Nick C

Andrew is the best CPA Exam Prep tutor out there! He is very knowledgeable when it comes to accounting. He can see where you are struggling and can really break down those tough topics that you struggle with. He also really makes sure you understand the topic completely before moving on which is great. Andrew is very personable and outgoing which makes our tutoring sessions fun and interesting. Overall, he is an amazing tutor and I would recommend him to anyone who is trying to pass the CPA Exam.

Michael H

I have been studying with Andrew for about a month now in preparation for my REG exam and couldn't be happier. Before Andrew and I started I tried 2 other tutoring companies to help with my CPA exam and LEFT immediately! Andrew has been extremely helpful in all aspects of my studying not only for specific sections but also for bringing a lot of experience and insight on testing tricks and key areas to focus on. Something I didn't realize at first was how important the mental aspect of this test is! Andrew is available 24/7 7 days a week to answer anything. You can tell that he cares so much about his students and is the perfect person to help ANYONE who really wants to pass the CPA Exam! I can not recommend him enough.

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