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Nclex (RN/VN) Private Tutoring Offered
South Gate, California
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I'm an
I am a Registered Nurse, I have passed my exam on the second try. The first attempt I did miserably, I got 213 questions out of a maximum of 265 and ran out of time and failed. The first question that showed up on the screen proved to me that I was not prepared, in fact I was lost with no direction, the first 5 questions confirmed that. The way I prepared for my first test was simply by reading questions and answers from four (4) different authors. I did that for one full month. Unfortunately it did not work. The way the questions were structured led me to realize that I was dealing with a different kind of test I had not seen before, and psychologically I was devastated and shaking, now I was feeling insecure about this test, and sure enough, fear overtook me completely and I ended up concentrating on the time I had left, rather than the actual content of the test, and most importantly I was not even thinking about answering the questions right anymore, so I FAILED! I did not want to feel that way, I refused to fail again!. I went home and just felt miserable for about 3 or 4 days, but then I decided to do some research about how is this test really structured, and I discovered a striking set of patterns used by the "test designers" (Because every single word/phrase they use in each question is carefully chosen). I went and researched quite a few sites where they spoke about questions and answers, but surprisingly everyone was "missing the aim". To prove my developed theory I subscribed for 3 weeks to NCSBN site and tested my developed theoretic system, sure enough I was hitting a good 90% passing rate on my strong areas, 78% to 85% on my weak areas and that was GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME! I then concentrated on the second part of my theoretic system and also worked! I then proceeded to memorize the normal lab values and the most common medications (THERE IS NO WAY AROUND THESE TWO, YOU MUST MEMORIZE THEM), and scheduled my exam. I will show you a way to work with the medication memorization. This second time I got to the 75th. question, and THE COMPUTER WENT BLANK! Directly to the survey! Pearson Vue placed my results on hold for 4 days! because there was a huge difference between the first attempt and the second one, and they were reviewing my audio and video surveillance records to check if I had cheated, It was so pleasurable but at the same time kind of scary to hear Pearson Vue people saying those things over the phone, and a couple of days later it was so surreal to see my name listed on the Board of Registered Nursing web site with the letters "RN" written next to it. (I know for a fact that I missed 1 or 2 questions, maybe 3 max.) If you have tried passing the test and feel you have no direction and feel lost about how to prepare for the test, I know I can help you in guiding you on what to do. It took me almost 5 months to put all the facts together and figure it out. I can help you succeed, I know I can. But, please don't think this is a magic trick that will lead you to pass simply by wishing you would, IT DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY!, it requires most of all DISCIPLINE!, a lot of reading and commitment, it is not easy but it is not impossible either and you can do it too. If you don't have any "content" or feel weak in "CONTENT" I can help you!, If you feel weak or are lost and don't have a "STRATEGY" (Which is the key element of the test), I can definitely help you. If you are interested in my offering of guiding you step by step on what you need to do to pass the NCLEX without wasting unnecessary time in studying areas or things you don't need to study you can always reach me at: "js hot page at g mail *******" (no spaces) Also you can send me a text to the following: "three", "two", "three", then you enter: "five", "...". Please identify yourself and explain where you got the information from. I know I can help you focus, and most importantly to get organized with only the most essential of the materials you will need to pass the exam. You can pass the NCLEX for sure! And I know I can help you! Once I receive your email, I will email you back my phone number to schedule a meeting.




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