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Kalimah J

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GA Certified Pre License Real estate Instructor
Marietta, Georgia
Active over a week ago
20 years exp.
From 60.00/hour

Reasons to Hire Me

  • I am attorney and intimately understand the material.
  • I tailor the session to your specific needs.
  • I have been teaching/tutoring for 20+ years.

Tutor in Marietta, Georgia

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I am a GA certified prelicense instructor and a REAL ESTATE attorney. Teaching is my passion. If you're looking for a patient tutor to assist you with passing the GA real estate exam, you've found her. My students do very well on the exam and most pass the state exam on the first try. I can help you with tips on how to take and pass the exam and give you tips on making the math very easy. Contact me if you're having difficulty passing your final or the state exam. If you're committed, I can help. All tutoring sessions are done via Zoom, but don't worry, it is just like the classroom experience. $60 per hour with a two hour minimum. See my references below. Unfortunately, I am limited to 23 references by this platform.




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Kai J

She is very good at helping understand everything! I passed my real estate final with her help!

Zack B

Kalimah was hands down the best tutor I have ever had. She really knows her stuff! I have always struggled in the classroom and getting prepared for this real estate state exam was very stressful. She highlighted key points and really went into depth on what you need to you. I highly recommend her class and tutoring sessions. You will not be disappointed!

Eniola M

If I had to describe my tutoring session with Kalimah in one word it would be Enlightening! I now have a great I understanding of the material. She helped me see the bigger picture. She uses scenarios and word association to help you remember the material. She is a great teacher! I highly recommended her to anyone who is looking to pass the real estate state exam! Best money I ever spent.

Jenn J

Kalimah is an incredible tutor! I had passed my course exam, but failed my state exam. I decided to look for a tutor because I felt like my school had prepped me to pass their course exam, but not the state. She had asked me for my scores so she knew what to focus on during our session. She is great at breaking each subject down and making it understandable. I spent 4 hours with her, and the time flew by because of her style of teaching. She is fun, enthusiastic and GREAT at what she does! She is worth every penny. Needless to say, I passed my state exam after my session with her!

Jasmine A

Kalimah is awesome! I passed my exam and I want to give a lot of credit to her helping me prepare for it! She’s very good at breaking down things that aren’t so easy to understand in the real estate teachings. I plan to arrange another session with her before my state exam! She gave me the extra knowledge and confidence that I needed to pass!

Amanda R

Kalimah is such an awesome tutor. She takes her time to explain anything you have trouble understanding. The examples she gives helps you to process real estate information in a much simpler manner. Her attitude is always pleasant. I tutored with Kalimah twice and she helped me pass my exam

Leslie B

Kalimah helped me refresh and get ready for my RE State Exam - she was available the very afternoon I asked. She also provided me with extra materials and study guides. Very grateful for Kalimah’s knowledge of RE exam prep, patience, and tips ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Erin L

Kalimah is amazing!! I’ve had numerous instructors over the years (work, training, etc.) and Kalimah is by far one of THE BEST! She has a way of working with you until you actually understand the material. Phenomenal tutor and instructor! ??

jacqueline V

Where do I begin? Kalimah was exactly what I needed in a Real Estate Instructor. Kalimah checks all the boxes for any learning type. She sets expectations and lays a foundation for how and what you will be learning from the onset of the class or tutoring session. Her method of presentation is logical, illustrative (when needed) and methodical. Kalimah only gives 110% to her students. She genuinely wants each and every one to be a success. She will totally match your efforts so don’t waste your time not matching hers. It will be a rare occasion when you find a gem in an instructor like Kalimah.

Christopher T

Kamilah J not only taught us everything we needed but went above and beyond to make sure we had every tool in order to pass our state exam. She is definitely hands down one of the best instructors I have ever had.

Kevin P

Kalimah was amazing! I took a 2 week course that was meant to prepare me for the State exam but ended up being a complete waste of time and money. I reached out to Kalimah to help me fill in gaps with the laws and math portions. She helped me to find gaps in my knowledge, plan a course of action designed to get me specific info to pass and taught me how to math again (including fractions) without judgment but instead with a generous and dedicated heart. She wasn't trying to get my money but in fact wanted me to pass. She checked on me the day of my exam and I've seen her check on her other students progress as well. She is amazing and I couldn't recommend anyone better. And I passed! Thanks KJ

Graeson H

Kalimah is an amazing tutor! She definitely went the extra mile to make sure i was able to pass my state exam. She makes the information very easy to understand and explains it in scenarios that are more relatable verse the boring textbook examples. She is really dedicated to her students and makes lesson plans specifically for you based on your previous results.

Kaiya D

Kalimah is a knowledge professional that has a gift for making real estate easy to understand. She is amazing!

Denaisha B

Kalimah J is the best of the best. She breaks down whatever you don't understand and explains it to you in a realistic, applicable way. I wouldn't have passed my real estate exam without her.

Stan O

Kalimah is an outstanding tutor and teacher. She is extremely prepared and aligns the tutoring to the recipients best ‘learning style’. Kalimah is patient, yet firm where needed to achieve the goal(s) that are sought. She helps you strategize how you can best utilize vast information (real estate in my case) for success. I know first hand that Kalimah is a highly effective tutor. Thanks Kalimah!

Rose W

Kalimah tutored me during the evening to help me pass the real estates state test. She is good at explaining until you understand :)

Marie T

Kalimah was awesome to work with. She sent everything I needed to study over VERY quickly. She responded almost immediately and was very patient. I had failed the state exam twice but passed the 3rd time! I KNOW it was because of my tutoring session with Kalimah that I passed. I could hear her voice in my head reminding me how not to be tricked! She's SO WORTH the money. Wish I had hired her sooner!

Wilfredo B

Kalimah J. Is an Amazing Tutor! She Explains the Subject down to the bone and Makes sure that you understand everything Thoroughly! If you’re looking to pass your Exam, I HIGHLY recommend Her to Tutor you! I passed my Real Estate STATE exam on my First try! I learned Everything Withing 1 Month Because of her! If you’re looking for a Tutor, Kalimah Jenkings is the ONE to go with!

Lateefa M

Ms Kalimah is a wonderful tutor. She is really patient and encouraging all at the same time. She really wants her students to pass the exam. She motivated me all the way to taking the exam. She really helps you to understand the concepts very well. If you are looking for a tutor that gives results then you found the right tutor.

Tonya F

Kalimah is a tutor like no other. Upon completing my pre-licensure course I was terribly confused about many aspects of real estate, the laws, new terminology and the MATH/FORMULAS. Well I must say Kalimah makes what seems extremely hard turn into concepts you not only understand but can explain to others. She is very personable, extremely intelligent and patient. I took the GA Real Estate exam and passed on my first try. I would recommend her again and again. All of my other classmates had the same sentiments surrounding her ability to educate another. You WONT be disappointed and she is MORE than worth the upfront investment.

Erica E

Kalimah was an incredible tutor for helping me reach my goals. She makes sure the time you pay for is used wisely and catered to exactly what you need. She helped explain terms and definitions so that I could apply them on the exam.

Cole K

Great teacher highly recommend!

Paul P

I failed my first attempt at the GA real estate salesperson's exam. I signed up for one of Kalimah's 'Crash Course's, plus an hour of tutoring closer to the date of my next attempt. I passed! She really knows her stuff, has a wealth of experience in both the subject matter and the test itself, and if someone asked me for help I'd put them in touch with her.

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