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Yolanda lizardo needed an eng paper to write
Henderson, Nevada
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I need help writing an English paper these are the requirements • File Types doc, docx, and pdf ENG102: Essay Two– Race in America Deadlines: Peer Review: Bring a hardcopy of the “finished” draft to class 2/27 (10 points) Due dates:? Essay #2 due online and in class on 3/4 (90 points) Length: 4-5 pages Requirements: • Essay must be typed on standard white 8 1?2 x 11-inch paper using 12pt. Times New Roman font with 1- inch margins on all sides (Note: for the newer versions of Word, you will have to change the left and right-hand margins from 1.25 inches to 1-inch), and have a proper heading cover page. You do not need to write an abstract for your essay • All essays must use a minimum of five (5) outside sources—no more than three (3) of which can be from the textbook, and the film, Pleasantville, does count as one of these three should you choose to use the film as one of your sources. Therefore, you are responsible for researching at least two (2) academic sources on your chosen topic independently. • All citations as well as works cited pages must be in proper APA. ? Instructions: You must pick ONE of the following options for this assignment. The examples you choose to illustrate your arguments with are entirely up to you; however, you must present a coherent and cohesive argument regarding issues of race in contemporary America. Essays that are submitted that do not meet all of the above requirements will not receive and “A,” and depending on which requirements you choose to ignore (such as the use of sources), will not receive a passing grade. ? Option 1 (Historical): For this option you will take an historical approach by using one of the court cases discussed in class—e.g. The Dred Scott Decision, Plessy v. Ferguson, Korematsu v. The United States, etc.—and analyze its implications for race relations within modern society. Some questions you might wish to ponder (but are not limited to) are: Do you find any contemporary instances where the spirit of these court decisions are alive and well, even if they are no longer legally valid? Rather, have we moved on (so to speak) and have nothing to learn from these bits of American legal history? In your estimation, were we perhaps hasty in overturning any of these decisions? Why or why not? How much of our maintenance of the status quo in law (and in society in general) is based on fear? Note: for this topic, you need to be as specific with your contemporary examples as possible. Also, it is not enough to say, “that was the past, and this is the present.” You need to make sure that your “significant so what” about what influence (or not) the past has on the present is explicitly clear. Option 2 (Contemporary): As we know, the media plays an integral role in how race is quantified, advertised, and/or dramatized in modern America. For this option, you will choose one form of media and analyze how race is portrayed therein for the good or ill of our society. In other words, what is the agenda presented in this media, and how does it successfully either defy or maintain the status quo? Some topics you may want to consider (but are not limited to) are: 1) How are different racial and/or ethnic groups portrayed on television or in films? Are these representations fair, or are they merely stereotypes?; 2) Do shows like The Cosby Show, Bernie Mac, The George Lopez Show, The Wire, Homeland etc. advance or harm the portrait of modern minority or ethnic groups? Are they an accurate representation of the family in a minority or immigrant household?; 3) When rap music first appeared on the scene, it represented a strong voice that advocated on behalf of people of color living in poverty and violence. Does modern rap or hip-hop reflect its origins? Why or why not? What has changed (or not) since the birth of this genre?; 4) How much of what the media does with race merely reaffirms fear? Note: for this topic, your examples must be as explicit as possible. It is insufficient to talk about stereotypes in the media in broad terms; therefore, you must argue for or against specific shows, artists, ad campaigns, etc. Please remember that option #2 still requires a minimum of five (5) outside sources—as detailed above. Therefore, you are responsible for researching at least two (2) academic sources on your chosen topic independently.

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