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Vishal G

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Top Accounting Guru for the CPA Exam!
Lombard, Illinois
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8 years exp.
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  • Passionate, patient, and understanding of student's needs
  • Specialized in teaching students with learning disabilities
  • Reading/understanding the CPA Exam questions the right way

Tutor in Lombard, Illinois

I'm an
Hello, my name is Vishal Gandhi and I am a licensed CPA. My professional experience includes working as an auditor with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (a Big 4 accounting firm) and with Plante Moran in Chicago on corporate audits on accounts ranging from $200 million to $600 million in annual revenue. I graduated from DePaul University with a bachelor's degree in Accounting (Magna Laude). In addition, I obtained my MBA from DePaul University with distinction! My approach to CPA exam tutoring is quite simple - I take tough accounting material and break it into digestible, easy-to-understand concepts and steps that you can quickly grasp. I’ve developed a unique learning style for students: I help you visualize examples to actually understand accounting and really learn it (and even enjoy it!). This is far more successful than merely memorizing dry material for an exam. I guarantee that you will be happy with my approach. I have been tutoring accounting students throughout my DePaul undergraduate years and helping CPA candidates pass the CPA Exam for more than 8 years. I share these exam taking strategies during our tutoring sessions such as how to read the "call" of the question the right way, manage your time more efficiently, or just how to really understand the subject matter. During our sessions, we will go through multiple choice questions, simulations, and review key concepts to ensure you are successful on your exam. I help increase students CPA Exam scores by an average of 25%-35%. I will create a personalized and custom study plan, which will be tailored to your needs, and we'll start seeing results. At the end of the day, I strongly believe that the CPA exam is not an intelligence test; rather, it is a perseverance test. Anyone can truly pass this monster of an exam, but it takes dedication and commitment to conquer it. Invest in your career and work with me! You'll be really happy with the results. These are just some of the reasons why my 100 CPA students over the past 8 years have been very successful working with me! I look forward to working with you and making your life easier. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or visit my website www.....com. You can also look me up on LinkedIn at Vishal Gandhi. Thank you!
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Ben L

Like many other students, I was intimidated by the CPA Exam. It seemed impossible to pass amidst a job in public accounting and I was ready to quit altogether. I met with Vishal over the weekend in early December 2018 and all of my stress, anxiety, and disbelief in myself was promptly alleviated. I walked into our first session with a “here goes nothing” mentality and walked out 100% certain that I was going to pass the exam. I’m writing this under a year later with all 4 sections passed. Vishal will prepare you for the material on the exam, but that’s not what makes him a special tutor. His leadership and ability to coach students through the exam is what puts him in a league of his own. He provided me with a structured schedule detailing exactly what we would do in our sessions together and what I should do on my own time to prepare. I followed his instructions to a T and used his notes and other resources. Come each exam day, I had zero doubt that I would pass. There are so many moving parts to the CPA exam which makes planning imperative. Vishal’s expertise in both the subject-matter and exam strategies pushed me through the finish line at a time that I was on the brink of giving up. In short, if you’re like me and think the CPA is daunting in terms of its content, its organization, and the overall test-taking strategy, then Vishal is your going to be your lifesaver. Let him be your coach, utilize his notes/schedule, and you’ll pass the exam.

Angela C

I heard about Vishal through a CPA candidate forum. I was working on passing my final section of the CPA exam, Reg. Vishal was great! I would recommend him to anyone needing help in passing any section of the CPA exam. He is knowledgeable and always available to answer any questions. He provides summary notes for each section and helpful tips to help you master the concepts. I worked with Vishal for about 4 weeks, 3-4 times a week. He always kept me on track and was always optimistic. I would not have understood the concepts nearly as well without having Vishal's help. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing assistance!

Jordan N

When I first purchased my Becker CPA study material, like many students, I was extremely excited to begin working towards my goal of becoming a CPA. I was at the library one day studying and was randomly approached by Vishal who noticed I was studying for the CPA. He offered to tutor me right then and there, however I wanted to give it a shot on my own before reaching out for help. I quickly realized working full-time as a tax accountant and trying to study for the CPA is no easy task. Busy season hit and there was very little time and motivation to study. Out of the blue, about six months after our first encounter at the library, Vishal texted me asking how studying was going. I explained to him my struggles and decided to schedule a Skype meeting with him to talk more about how he could help me. Long story short, choosing to work with Vishal has been nothing short of a blessing. The amount of material that is in a Becker CPA test book is absolutely absurd and trying to study it all is a recipe for disaster and not an efficient use of time. What really separates Vishal from other tutors is that he created custom study guides that break down all the important information in each chapter. Just a study guide you had in school. I can honestly say I only uses Vishals study guides when studying. I barley pick up the Becker Textbooks anymore and it has saved me a ton of time. If you are looking for someone who is invested in your success and who is obviously willing to go the extra mile to help you succeed, take some time out of your day and reach out to Vishal. You will not be disappointed.

Luke P

I highly recommend Vishal to basically any CPA candidate, especially one that is struggling with any part of the exam. I wish I had found Vishal much sooner than I did as I could not pass REG no matter how hard I studied or how many endless hours of the repetitive Becker lectures I listened to. I had passed all 3 of AUD, FAR and BEC on my first try by myself using Becker, but unfortunately made the wrong decision of saving REG for last. I struggled much more with this exam and ended up losing 2 of my passed credits since I couldn't get REG passed. Finally, I somehow came across Vishal's page because we had a mutual friend who had written a review earlier saying how much Vishal had helped him. I was ecstatic to find Vishal because my next REG exam was scheduled less than 2 months out and I knew there was still no chance of me passing because I just could not understand the concepts. I wasn't sure at first if working with Vishal would be enough to get me to a passing grade, but right from the start I could tell my comprehension of the areas was much greater after reviewing his study guides, and things just started to click for me in ways that they hadn't before. I met with Vishal for about 3 hours/week for 7 weeks and he helped me tremendously in that time by emphasizing areas to focus on, giving me a personalized study schedule that correlates with his study guides that keeps you on track, and working practice questions to ensure your understanding of the important areas is where it needs to be. After less than 2 months of preparing with Vishal, I'm very pleased to say that he helped me finally achieve a passing grade on the REG exam which I wasn't sure I could ever do. Vishal was the difference maker in me finally passing the exam so I can't thank him enough! Unfortunately I now have to repass 2 parts, but I'm going to be continuing to use Vishal as my tutor and hope to get the next 2 passed in less than 3 months by using Vishal's tutoring program. I'm much more confident and prepared to tackle the very challenging CPA exams now that I have Vishal to work with. No matter what your situation is, if you need any help with passing the CPA exams, then I can't recommend Vishal Gandhi enough!

Regina B

I heard of Vishal through a recommendation in an online CPA study group. This was not my first round with a CPA exam. I had already successfully passed REG and AUD on my own, but FAR was giving me a run for my money. I tried many methods before working with Vishal. In total, I took the FAR exam 5 times over the course of a year while passing REG and AUD. My scores were 68, 66, 69, 72, and 72. I was struggling with where to go and what to work on next. When I reached out to Vishal, I'm sure he thought I was crazy. I was set to test in one week, and I was planning on working full time while also studying for another retake. The moment he showed me his teaching method I was hooked, it just made so much sense. I felt the Becker program wasn't working for me, nor was supplementing with NINJA. Vishal provided me with a study schedule and tailored it to what he thought I should and shouldn't focus on. This gave me a clear path forward. Vishal and I only worked 6 hours together. I want to repeat that, only 6 hours and we covered as many topics as we could in that time. He made things click for me that I had struggled with for so long! His study guides are a game-changer and written in a way that just makes sense and explains the concepts to you. It is because of his help and his encouragement that I am now able to say that I have passed FAR on my SIXTH ATTEMPT. He was the game changer I needed. I loved working with him so much, I am going to use him for my final section BEC, because I know he will be able to prepare me for success with finishing off my CPA journey. If you are considering using Vishal, please reach out and speak with him, I know you will not regret it!

Daria B

I was introduced to Vishal through my coworker who passed all 4 parts of the CPA within a year. As for myself, I was working with Vishal while preparing for the FAR exam in September 2020. He was always supportive by answering all my questions as some FAR topics was hard for me to understand. For the CPA exam I am using Becker. Although Becker platform is excellent, I needed to have a tutor who can answer/clarify for me some of the FAR concepts. Vishal is a brilliant mentor and tutor. His teaching style is very simple and straightforward. Vishal's notes are written clear and it feels like you are having a dialog with him. We met twice a week over zoom for 1-2 hours and practiced Becker questions. He taught me how to be efficient with my time, understand questions and how to solve them in the best way. The CPA is very difficult exam and requires self-discipline. However, using a tutor will give you confidence, clarity and the level of support that you need to pass.

Brooke D

So far I've worked with Vishal since December 2019 in preparation for the CPA. He has undoubtedly helped me, not only by simplifying the material itself, but also encouraging and motivating me along the way. Since we've started working together, I have passed FAR, BEC, and REG and am continuing to tutor with Vishal for the remaining section of the CPA. While I have access to test prep material, combining tutoring sessions as an additional source of study has been very successful. Vishal has also helped me created study plans and remain on top of the material for each exam, which can get overwhelming. He's always available to answer questions and has been a great guiding force throughout this process. I can't recommend his services enough!

Hayden F

Vishal is a phenomenal CPA tutor. In just two weeks, he helped me conquer FAR after struggling with it for some time. He provides excellent resources and questions, having written his own CPA review guide that is far superior to Becker, Wiley, Etc. Vishal was able to coordinate with me during my busy work schedule to create an effective study plan. Vishal is a terrific instructor and his lessons made the topics covered in the exam much simpler to understand. I could not recommend a better CPA tutor than Vishal. It was an absolute pleasure working with him.

Kent K

After spending a substantial amount of time studying for my CPA exams, I was stuck on my last section which was REG. I was desperate to finish my last exam as I was feeling burnt out with all the studying as well as working full-time. I contacted Vishal for assistance with REG and I can easily say I was never more prepared for any of the CPA sections than I was for REG with Vishal's tutoring. While I did have Becker CPA study material, Vishal was able to bring a new efficient and effective perspective when it came to the more obscure parts of REG. He was able to explain my most difficult parts of the exams and made them my strengths through his tutoring. Whenever I had specific questions on a particular MCQ, SIM, or topic, he was more than happy to answer than questions I had. Vishal was available anytime on any day, through any form of communication during my study preparation. He also even went out of his way to send me helpful SIMS and topics to look over outside of our tutoring sessions. When I contacted Vishal to take REG, it was a shorter study time than usual for his clients. However, he took the time to set up a study guide and plan to make sure I was ready on test day. I highly recommend Vishal's CPA tutoring for any section of the CPA as I can say I never felt more prepared for any CPA exam than I was for REG with Vishal. Thanks for everything Vishal

Becky S

I cannot say enough good things about working with Vishal. He is so incredibly patient and understanding. He is helping me get through REG, hopefully for the last time. It is so nice to talk with someone who can explain the concepts in a way that I can understand. And he doesn't make you feel dumb or inept for not understanding a concept that someone else may understand right away. And the simple fact that he checks in on you, encourages you is a godsend in itself when you think you are in this battle by yourself. He is available anytime on any day via whatever form of communication works best for you. And the resources that he provides for you is top-notch! I highly recommend Vishal's tutoring to anyone and everyone! I can't wait to pass my first section with him by my side throughout this whole process! Thank you, Vishal from the bottom of my heart!

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